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Information before you get started:

#1 - You can be a coach at any point in your progress, whether you are just starting your journey or if you are looking to excel further with your healthy LIFESTYLE. However, you do need to be fully committed and ready to get into the best shape of your life using whatever means with our company programs and nutrition.

#2 - Commitment is something we all struggle with, but it is required to be successful. You must be determined to complete all trainings offered, watch all guidance videos and do the best to participate in virtual events/meetings. Certain things about coaching WILL take you outside or your comfort zone, but we all know that if it makes us unconfortable it is probably something good for us!


Hiring coaches now!

#3 - DEDICATED & WILLING TO BE COACHABLE! I am offering my time to you for FREE, however you are in need of it, to make you the best in your business. Your time is valuable, just like mine, but I want you to succeed and I beleive in you, just like someone believed in me. We  are a team here on Pure & Fit! You must do your part! This is an at-home business and it's up to you, and only you to make of it. 

If you have a desire for financial freedom, to make a difference in peoples lives and yours, to meet new people, travel, explore how far you can really take your fitness ability this opportunity is for you. We have many avenues to use to reach this success, it's up to you to make the decision!


I am searching for new coaches regularly. If you feel you qualify and are READY,

please click above or here, on Start Your Coach Application

NOT SURE YET! - It's a big step and I can understand you wanting to know more, so please CLICK HERE to see more about what joining as a coach with Team Pure & Fit is about. I want you to feel at ease that this is the next, right step for you.

Success! Message received.

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